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Featured Item- Click Here For Details!

Welcome to

Instant eBook Library CD-ROM

Availability: Immediate download.

Platform: Win 98 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8

From the Desk of:

Dear Fellow Reader,

A famous musician once stated that, "In complete darkness we are all the same. It is only our knowledge and wisdom that separates us."  Is it true? Does a lack of information render you powerless?

Can what you do not know really hurt you? Indeed it can, and yes the opposite is also true. Worse off acting on bad information is very similar to acting on no information. For this reason it makes sense to never stop learning, to learn something everyday and to make knowledge a priority in your life.

Introducing the “Instant e-Book Library CD-ROM
A Collection of 250 Innovative e-Books Written by
World Famous Authors and Business Leaders.

With OVER 250 e-Books to choose from, you’re probably wondering what ebooks we’ve included on this POWERFUL CD-ROM.  You’ll enjoy the ever-widening array of choices we’ve made available on this CD-ROM.  With so many eBooks to choose from, everyone will have an easy time finding the perfect eBook.

This CD-ROM includes a wide-range of Top e-Books that appeal to everyone such as:

  • “The eBay Cash Explosion e-Book”
  • “Memory Power Tricks e-Book”
  • “Grow Rich from eBay and the Internet e-Book”
  • “Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Recipes e-Book”
  • “Internet Marketing Gold Rush e-Book”
  • “Top 10 Ways to Retire Wealthy e-Book”
  • “How to Retire Without Money e-Book”
  • “How to Make Money Watching TV e-Book”
  • “Big Money in Your Mailbox Daily e-Book”
  • “Kitchen Table Money Machine e-Book”
  • “Escape Credit Card Debt Today e-Book”
  • “Investing Made Easy e-Book”
  • “America’s Most Popular Recipes e-Book”

Owning the “Instant e-Book Library CD-ROM” is the fastest way to get started growing your very own e-Book library. You’ll have immediate access to OVER 250 cutting-edge e-Books spanning a wide variety of interesting topics.

Make Money Today By Owning this

There’s no other software product out there like it! The “Instant Instant e-Book Library
” includes a FREE Distributorship to become an Instant e-Book Publisher.  This means that not only can you personally benefit from reading the e-Books, but you can also make a full-time income selling the e-Books on this incredible NEW CD-ROM!

Now you can INSTANTLY become the e-Book provider of choice for academic, community college, public, personal and other libraries because this CD-ROM offers easy-to-use functionality with access to multiple formats and best-selling titles from the world's leading publishers.  Now is the BEST TIME to have an e-Book product that’s ready to sell to a hungry market begging for the latest information!

It’s Easy To Use Too!

As formats, languages and technologies multiply, so does the challenge to manage and deliver quality content — in ways that will work both today and tomorrow.  That’s why this revolutionary CD-ROM provides all of the e-Books in Adobe Reader format.

Adobe Reader can be used on any computer, including Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. It can also be used on Palm PDA devices. Adobe Reader allows you to print the e-books and save them to your desktop. Adobe Reader e-Books are best for reading on your computer because they offer a book-like layout that's great on-screen.  A complimentary copy of Adobe Reader has been included on the CD-ROM for your convenience.

To get started using the “Instant e-Book Library CD-ROM” I inserted the CD into my computer’s CD-ROM drive and the interface automatically loaded for me.  I was instantly presented with 250 e-Books to choose from.  When I found the e-Book I was interested in, I simply clicked the cover of the e-Book and the CD asked me if I wanted to open the book to read it, or if I wanted to copy it to my desktop.  It was that easy!

It’s even easier to find the e-Book you’re looking for when you use the e-Book Listing feature which displays all of 250 e-Books in a table of contents format.  All I had to do was scroll through the list of e-Books, click on the book title of my choice and I was instantly presented with my e-Book.  I was amazed at how easy it is to use this CD!

The Best Part… It’s Affordable!

The “Instant e-Book Library CD-ROM” will save you money every time you use it. Imagine if you had to compile and maintain a printed reference library that included everything found on this CD-ROM... it could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

For just one moment, imagine how much money it would cost you to buy 250 books at Barnes and Nobles. If you were to pay $19.95 individually for each e-Book included on this CD-ROM it could cost you upwards of $4,987.00 for ALL 250 E-BOOKS!

Right now, you can get your own personal copy of the “Instant e-Book Library CD-ROM” for only $149. You can own an INSTANT E-BOOK LIBRARY for less than an average dinner for two! Plus you can make money selling the eBooks individually.  Think about it: one or two e-Book sales will more than pay for this CD-ROM!

It’s one of the only products that you can buy that will pay for itself OVER and OVER again!  Now that’s a smart investment!

You owe it to yourself to at least see what all the EXCITEMENT is about! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by owning this valuable CD-ROM!



P.S. - The “Instant e-Book Library CD-ROM” provides you with instant access to OVER 250 full-color e-Books. With so many e-Books to choose from, everyone will have an easy time finding the perfect e-Book.

P.P.S.  The “Instant e-Book Library CD-ROM” includes a FREE Distributorship to become an Instant e-Book Publisher.  This means you can make a full-time income selling the individual e-Books on this incredible NEW CD-ROM.

For best results, we suggest selling individual e-Books for $19.95.  Your customers can buy one or even ALL
of the e-Books from you!

 © 2013 All Rights Reserved

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