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Self Improvement

>Home >Self Improvement >How to Remember Names and Faces eBook

 Product Information


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How to Remember Names and Faces eBook

How to Remember Names and Faces eBook
Average Rating:

Today’s Price: $19.99



INSTANTLY Discover How to Remember
Names and Faces THE EASY WAY!

FINALLY! At Last...

Introducing the new...
How to Remember Names and Faces eBook.

From the Desk of:

Dear Internet Friend,

You were not, I repeat, WERE NOT born with a poor memory.

Remembering is a process that must be learned, just like walking, talking, eating, telling colors apart, distinguishing sounds, and telling time.

You learned all of these when you were a child, and now you can perform them without effort, without being conscious of the mental processes involved.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can learn the process of using your memory just as thoroughly, and when you do you will have in your power a hundred times the knowledge and experience you actually put to use now.

Anyone can do it –even you.

Believe me, if you want to make your experiences stick, in order to help you make later decisions and meet later problems, and if you hate the waste of relearning what you have forgotten, it will be worth your while to develop a good memory.

It Will Be Worth Your While to ORDER the
How to Remember Names and Faces eBook

Here's a SNEAK-PEAK inside the new How to Remember Names and Faces eBook.

Table of Contents:

  • How Good Is Your Memory For Names And Faces?
  • There’s Gold In Those Names
  • How To Get The Name Straight
  • The Kind Of Repetition That Raps It In
  • Fastening Faces In Your Mind
  • What’s In A Name – To Remember It By?
  • Meet Three Ladies And Twelve Gentlemen
  • A Lesson In Mistaken Identity
  • Ten New Faces All At Once
  • The Simple Secret Of Remembering People In Groups
  • Now You’re Ready To Go On Your Own!
  • Round-Up
  • Fun With Names And Faces

This Is Your ONE Chance To Turn Your Mind Into

There is nothing new in the idea of a memory system; men and women have been developing methods of remembering since the days of Cicero.

You can start using the system and experiencing significant results starting today!

Why Continue To Forget Important Information When YOU CAN  ACQUIRE A POWERFUL MEMORY STARTING TODAY?

Back in 1885, the German scientist Hermann Ebbinghaus made the first experimental studies in remembering and forgetting.

What he discovered then still holds true today - that using the common method of memorizing, we forget forty percent within twenty minutes and seventy-five percent by the end of the week!

Doesn't it stand to reason, then, that if you are going to bother to learn things once, you might just as well go to a little extra trouble and protect your investment of time?

You can do this easily by using the Mental Filing System. You see the reason for most of the annoying instances of forgetting is that you do not take the trouble to connect new information with some fact you already know.

Isolated facts drop out of the mind quickly, but if you file new knowledge in relation to something already established in your mind, you will retain it and be able to refer to it whenever you need it. It is simply a matter of making a special use of your power of association, which is the beginning of all learning processes.

William James said, "In mental terms, the more other facts a fact is associated with in the mind, the better possession of it our memory retains. Each of its associates becomes a hook to which it hangs, a means to fish it up by when sunk beneath the surface."

NOW You Can Begin Experiencing The Benefits of Having A TOP-NOTCH Memory!

Today, there are a lot of people who exercise their bodies regularly but very few who exercise
their minds.

Why don’t more people work at improving their memories and try to get the most that they can out of their mental potential?

Think of the tremendous impact this could have on your life!

Think of how improving your memory could:

  • Help you excel in your career or at school
  • Improve the quality of your life
  • Improve your marriage
  • Make you more content
  • Make you more confident
  • And much, much more!


Order the new
How to Remember Names and Faces eBook” Today

Here’s The Best Part About This

As much as the How to Remember Names and Faces eBook can increase the quality of your life, the most amazing thing is the Extremely Low Price.  Thanks to today’s technology, we are able to offer the incredible new How to Remember Names and Faces eBook for the super low suggested retail price of only $19.99!

If you want to learn all the amazing Tips, Tricks and techniques revealed inside the new How to Remember Names and Faces eBookorder right now before its too late. This is a limited time offer and Quantities are extremely limited.  So, please order today to ensure that you get a copy! 

To Your Success,


Distributor of How to Remember Names and Faces eBook

P.S. Quantities are extremely limited.  So, please order today to ensure that you get a copy!
Don’t delay!

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