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Welcome to


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 Product Information


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99 eBay Power Seller Secrets Revealed eBook

99 eBay Power Seller Secrets Revealed eBook
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Today’s Price: $19.99


Finally! If you are tired and frustrated over all the ineffective eBay marketing info out there, here is the solution for you...

Now YOU Can Become
An eBay Power Seller

In 90 Days, Make Hundreds Per Day, And Work From The Comfort Of Your Own Home... 100% Guaranteed!

Introducing the new
99 eBay Power Seller Secrets Revealed eBook.”

Earn Hundreds Of Dollars "Consistently" Day-After-Day...By Reading My 99 eBay Power Seller Secrets Revealed eBook.”

From the Desk of:

Dear Internet Friend,

Right from the start, I want you to understand something... Did you notice I have already revealed my eBay ID? How many so called 'eBay Guru's' are prepared to do that?

If that does not tell you I am genuine nothing will. So please understand this. You can make hundreds per day fast through eBay.  You can reach PowerSeller status in 90 days.  All you need is the right information, tools and "know how"...

My 99 eBay Power Seller Secrets Revealed eBookgives you just that.

As an eBay PowerSeller, you can attract hundreds of dollars per day, while spending a couple hours per day working from the comfort of your own home!

95% Of People QUIT And Give Up Before They Even Start Making Money On eBay...
Not Here And Not YOU!

Look, here is why people give up and Quit:  "They don't have the right information or any idea how to do this easily.  It seems hard... when in fact IT IS NOT HARD AT ALL!"

You just need the right information and "know how" and you can achieve it easily!

In order to become and remain an eBay PowerSeller, you must achieve and maintain certain requirements.  These requirements are what keep 95% of eBay merchants down.  These requirements are what separates the "haves" from the "have-nots"...

You will NOT be part of that 95% by following my 99 eBay Power Seller Secrets Revealed eBook.This new eBook will set you apart and help you achieve and maintain the prestigious level of an eBay PowerSeller... in as little as 3 months!

Did you know that in order to achieve and Maintain eBay PowerSeller status, you must meet ALL of these requirements below:

  • Achieve & Maintain a minimum feedback rating of 100... and a minimum of 98% total positive feedback
  • Establish a track record of consistent sales achievement
  • Maintain a minimum monthly average total of four (4) sold listings for the past three
    (3) months
  • Be an active seller for a minimum of three (3) months
  • Keep your account current - i.e. no overdue payments
  • Deliver responses to successful bidders within three (3) business days
  • Uphold the eBay community values
  • Have a good standing by complying with eBay listing policies

You see, that is what keeps most eBay sellers from reaching eBay PowerSeller status.  I am going to make it a breeze for you.  I am going to do the same for you that I've already done for hundreds before you.  I am going to have you as a PowerSeller in 90 QUICK days!

Once you reach that status, everything changes and it becomes easier to attract hundreds of dollars per day!

On top of all those requirements, you would need to be able to create a product right from the beginning!  You would need to set everything up all by yourself, from scratch.  You'd then have to build a system slowly to get enough positive feedback -- in order to increase sales...

Well, you don't have to worry about any of that.  You don't have to go down that frustrating road!  I've made it easy for you!  In fact, I fully Guarantee you that this eBook is the easiest way to earning hundreds per day through eBay found anywhere online!

How powerful is that?

You are not going to have to worry about all these "requirements" or the "start-up workloads" necessary to gain PowerSeller status.  I'm serious.  You will not have to worry one Single second about any of this!

There will be no frustrations for you.  There will be no excessive workloads!  You will be able to skip right past all of this and head straight to the top!

How you ask?

You will be using a system that is FULLY PREPARED already for you!

I Sell "eBooks" On eBay... Because People Buy Them Left And Right, All Day Long --
Every Day -- Quickly!

Yes, not only am I selling eBooks, I am also presently making hundreds per day for only investing about 1 to 2 hours per day!  The money I make increases non-stop... even at this moment you are reading this page!

Look, many people make the BIG mistake of thinking that eBooks don't sell...

In fact, eBooks are one of the best and fastest selling items on eBay!

The most sought after item on the Internet is INFORMATION!  The Internet is the Information Superhighway!  People log onto the net because they want information. 

I have been making thousands and thousands of dollars by selling information on eBay.  Guess what, you CAN probably double, triple or quadruple the amount I make if you put in more effort than I do -- easily!

Listen, eBooks currently sell like wild-fire on eBay!  You will find out how to do this easily once you order the new 99 eBay Power Seller Secrets Revealed eBook.”

You Will Be Learning Crucial Strategies By Following the new “99 eBay Power Seller Secrets Revealed eBook.”

Listen, you are getting deep strategies from an eBay PowerSeller!  You can not go wrong by ordering the new 99 eBay Power Seller Secrets Revealed eBook.” It is fully guaranteed and you have nothing to lose.

 You do not want to miss out on this innovative eBook. Order your copy today.

99 eBay Power Seller Secrets Revealed eBook is delivered in PDF format and is viewable on any computer. All you need is Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader which is available free and already installed on most computers. If you do not have Adobe/Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, please visit our Customer Service page to download and install the software for free.

Here’s The Best Part About This

As much as the 99 eBay Power Seller Secrets Revealed eBook can increase the quality of your life, the most amazing thing is the Extremely Low Price.  Thanks to today’s technology, we are able to offer the incredible new 99 eBay Power Seller Secrets Revealed eBook for the super-low suggested retail price of only $19.99!

If you want to learn all the amazing Tips, Tricks and techniques revealed inside the new 99 eBay Power Seller Secrets Revealed eBook order right now before it’s too late. This is a limited time offer and Quantities are extremely limited.  So, please order today to ensure that you get a copy! 

To Your Success,


Distributor of 99 eBay Power Seller Secrets Revealed eBook

P.S. Give yourself an opportunity to create the life you always desired so you CAN stop living the hard way. ORDER TODAY.

P.P.S. - Take ACTION!  This program is fully guaranteed for 90 full days.

P.P.P.S. This program is by far the fastest way to make yourself a full-time living online from the comfort of your home, guaranteed!

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